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Bulgarians Have a Weapon More Powerful than Real Sword

Date: 28.05.2006

Thanks to the alphabet the Bulgarian nation have molded a weapon, more powerful than a real sword, the Director of the Bulgarian Museum of National History Prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov said in front of the monument of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius. “The battle sword has failed many times, but during the long years of slavery there always appeared a monk who was writing the Slavonic-Bulgarian History*, for example”, he said.

According to Dimitrov, thanks to Cyril and Methodius the Slavic nations have joined the European civilization and have adopted Christianity.

*Slavonic-Bulgarian History is a book by Bulgarian scholar and clergyman Saint Paisius of Hilendar . Written in 1762 , it is considered Saint Paisius of Hilendar's greatest work and one of the greatest pieces of Bulgarian literature , as well as the first work of Bulgarian historiography . Paisius' motivation to write this piece of literature was to ensure that a "nation with a glorious past has the right to a splendid future".
Although he was based in the Hilendar Monastery in the Holy Mount Athos (today in Greece , Paisius travelled extensively throughout the country and collected a vast amount of references to compile and write his concise but extremely powerful version of Bulgarian history .
The importance of this manuscript is that it was able to restore national pride to a country, which after 400 years of rule was lacking in such passion. What would follow is known as the Bulgarian National Revival, in which Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya played a significant role.
The book's first manual copy was done by Sophronius of Vratsa in 1765. Structurally, Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya consists of two introductions, several chapters that discuss various historic events, a chapter about the "Slavic teachers", the disciples of Cyril and Methodius, a chapter about the Bulgarian saints, and an epilogue.

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