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Lighter, please

Date: 30.07.2006

Welcoming back an industry that is dying in Europe is maybe - not so good. I don't know, I guess it may bring jobs for a while - but wil they pay enough in taxes to cover the medical expenses of the cancer? Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-smoking - I used to smoke and gave up because I just got fed up with the taste of my own mouth in the mornings. But I knew the amount of money I was paying in taxes on the fags I smoked more than covered the future potential expenses of my cancer. The price of smokes in Bg suggets the same is not true there - even with the recent rises.

However, before claiming too much hope for the future I think you need to be looking at other industries coming to Bg. IT industries, long term manufacturing, stabilisation of the tourism industry and so on. A large tobacco conglomerate that does operate in various parts of the world under some dodgy regimes is something, but not much. They're not back because they see a better regime -they're back as they see better profits and low wages - but maybe you are right, it's a start.

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