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Strandja Keeps Bast's Secret

Date: 03.09.2006

Any time they hear strangers asking for the way to Mishkova Niva, people in Malko Tarnovo, town in southeastern Bulgaria, purse their lips and keep silent. Their eyes cannot hide fear and obvious unwillingness to communicate with the strangers looking for "that thing". "That thing" here, in Strandja Mountains, means the foot of Gradishte peak and everything related to the legend of the Egyptian feline goddess Bast or Bastet, depicted as a woman with the head of a cat or lion.
The story begins in 1980 when an ancient map was discovered. Archeologists quickly found out this was a unique document, dating back to thousands of years BC and as soon as possible reported the facts to Lyudmila Zhivkova, leading culture figure daughter of the then Head of State. Jivkova took the map to clairvoyant Vanga who saw an alien race that had been on earth a hundred centuries ago. Zhivkova at once sent an archeological expedition to explore the site. The archeologists found a gate leading to a tunnel deep in the mountain and there they discovered stones of black granite with men's profiles carved on and a polyhedron of 12 sides, that archeologists believed to be a data carrier, like present-day micro chips. The finds were immediately sent to the former GDR for analysis but there they disappeared without trace.

The greatest mystery happened in the beginning of 1981 when researchers camping at the foot of Gradishte peak witnessed a supernatural phenomenon - two luminous figures appeared on the rocks - a man in a throne and another man standing next to him. All research ceded with Zhivkova's sudden death and the security services did their best to erase all signs and banned access to the region. Today the only thing to be seen is a half ruined stone cat-head.

Locals say the place repels them. Strange energy was detected with special equipment in the beginning of the 1980s. Those who worked on the project say the energy is emitted from the inside of Gradishte peak and see in it the reason for the symmetrical form where no grass grows on the peak. The secret is in Bast's tomb, researchers say. They do not rule out the idea that it could be just abandoned mine tunnels.

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