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The Real Racists Are to the North of Bulgaria

Date: 17.09.2006

To be stupid is a perfectly human folly, but it seems that it turned into an epidemic in Romania last week. Stupidity hit the Romanians very strongly. And it knocked them down as a summer bug. The latest absurdity was published in one of the Romanian newspapers, Averia: Bulgaria's national football team should be taken away three points due to racism. The edition writes that the Bulgarian  supporters have chanted "Gypsies" at the stadium. Such misconduct, if done, is inadmissible, there is no doubt about that. Bulgaria's coach Stoichkov agreed with that. But if UEFA punishes Bulgaria for that, what will happen to Romania then. The answer is very simple. Romania will finish the qualifiers without a won point.

Romania's national team may get away with it if only the delegate of the match turns a blind eye on the misconduct of Romanian supporters. Who hooted the Bulgarian national anthem in Constanta? Who never stopped teasing Bulgaria's player Lucio Wagner with monkey sounds? If this is not racism, what is this then? The measures UEFA and FIFA take against this ugly phenomenon are severe and if the delegate of the match reports this, the boomerang will hit Romania's team. That's why, the Romanian footballers and officials should better light up candles and pray that the delegate misses to note down the misbehavior of the Romanian supporters. Romania will not get back what Martin Petrov took from them in only two minutes. It is Martin Petrov who crushed Romania, but not the Bulgarian supporters.

It is quite obvious that the Romanians feel pain. They are also hopping mad that Stoichkov did not stand as shy as a schoolboy before the Romanian media. The media in Romania never stopped writing nasty things before the qualifier. They continue doing so now. They compete in making jokes and addressing insults towards Bulgaria's national team... It does credit to the Bulgarian internationals that they did not react as meanly as the media in Romania. Stoichkov was forced to answer them. And he put it in the best and most proper way: "You should first see your own problems before you start snapping your fingers at the others".

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