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EU Will Take Us in, But in a Strait Jacket

Date: 11.09.2006

The ruling coalition's incompetence will bring Bulgaria strait-jacketed into the European Union
says Dimitar Abadjiev

Dimitar Abadjiev, Deputy Floor Leader of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria was born on December 15, 1965 in the town of Omurtag, northeastern Bulgaria. He is a legal advisor, speaks English and Russian, MP in the 38th and 39th National Assemblies, presently a Bulgarian observer in the European Parliament. He is one of the few with dissenting opinions in Ivan Kostov's party, Democrats for Strong Bulgaria

- Mr. Abadjiev, who voices more severe criticism on Bulgaria's present condition - Brussels or the opposition leader, Democrats for Strong Bulgaria?

- The opposition's criticism towards the incumbent and previous government has been acknowledged by neither; not before the same criticism turned into European Commission's red and yellow cards.  The European Commission has enough mechanisms for monitoring what is going on in Bulgaria. Unfortunately the critiques in the last EU report were very hard, I am afraid the report of September 26th will be in the same tone.

- Will Bulgaria be acceded to the European Union? In what spheres do you expect triggering of safeguard clauses and what will be their price?

- The political decision for Bulgaria and Romania's accession on January 1, 2006 will hold valid. This is the majority of MEPs' attitude. Bulgaria's accession, though, will be a result of a political process that began in the end of 1999 when the accession negotiations started. Unprecedented control measures, however, will be imposed on Bulgaria. It is not clear yet whether these will be in  the form of safeguard clauses only or some other mechanism will be employed. By all means the measures will concern the border control, organized crime combat, the EU funds absorption, the domestic market, the free flow of labour.... In short a political board will be levied on us, something like  a strait jacket. The irony is that at BSP's previous Cabinet of Jean Videnov the country underwent a financial collapse and currency board was introduced. Now a political board is looming because the tri-party coalition failed completely in their attempts to execute whatever reforms in line with Bulgaria's EU membership.

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