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Parvanov's Success at Elections Is not 100% Sure

Date: 15.09.2006

All the sins of the government will be laid onto the President, says Prof Stefan Danailov, Bulgaria's Minister of Culture

Bulgaria's Culture Minister Stefan Danailov had been spinning and reeling at the same time for the last few days. Along with his tasks of a minister, he also heads the initiative committee that nominated incumbent President Georgi Parvanov for a second term of office. In the beginning of the week the tenth edition of the International Theatre Festival - Stage on a Crossroad, whose patron and founder Prof Danailov is, started. Despite his numerous duties he found the time to attend the inauguration of the theatre festival in the Antique Theatre in Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv. On Monday, he was among the public of Maruis Kurkinski's Gory Wedding in the city's drama theatre. Between both plays Prof Danailov found time to answer the questions.

- Prof Danailov, will you manage to endure the trial of being a "three in one" i.e. a minister, head of the election campaign and patron of a theatre festival?

- I am very busy in the ministry but I cannot stand aside of A Scene on a Crossroad, the festival I founded ten years ago. Combining these tasks has not been that hard for the time being as the real work has not started yet. The hard work will begin with the start of the election campaign.

- Do you share the optimism of the other members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party that Georgi Parvanov will make a landslide win at the elections?

- We are not absolutely sure in the easy success. We have the inner motivation for a victory but it does not mean we will wait for things to come about on their own. One thing is sure - changes are about to occur during the campaign and they will largely depend on the actions of our opponents.

- Are you prepared for a mud-slinging campaign and dirty linen exposing?

- We are getting ready for anything. Everything will be used against Georgi Parvanov, the issues concerning the tri-party coalition, the Government's failures and successes. Everything will fell on the President. What matters is that Bulgaria accedes to the European Union, the Prime Minister is not by chance repeating that the country is not ready to absorb the EU funds. The next year will not be an easy one.

- The Ministry of Culture has been severely criticized for not taking the needed measures against the copyright piracy?

- Five more people were employed in the Ministry department dealing with copyrights. The law, though does not give us the authority that some expect we have. If possible I would suggest that a copyright agency be established that would deal not only with piracy but with the whole specter of intellectual property theft. There is hardly a financial possibility, though. The intellectual property campaign has begun - the first videos are ready, billboards featuring famous Bulgarian musicians will appear soon. The European Commission sent approval of our efforts, the start, though, is not easy.

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