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UK Fears Bulgarian, Romanian Immigrants to Join Organized Crime Groups

Date: 03.11.2006

UK government document claims immigrants from East Europe are reported to commit every tenth crime in the United Kingdom, Darik News reported as cited by Evening Standard newspaper.

The document states there is a growing concern in the UK that free movement of people in the EU will encourage Bulgarian and Romanian citizens to come to UK and some of them might join organized crime groups.

Police data for the most prone to crime regions in the UK shows one tenth of the arrested criminals come from the eight former East Block countries that joined the EU in 2004. The data comes from an internal government document, which warns there might be an upburst of crimes committed by East Europeans in the UK after Bulgaria and Romania join the EU in 2007.

The document reads 80% of the robberies of ATMs come from Romanians even before the country's EU accession.

From January to June 2006 400 out of 4000 arrested persons come from the so-called A8 countries, the eight east European ones that joined EU in 2004. A8 citizens are most often arrested for robberies, prostitution, stealing from shops and excessive drinking.

Evening Standard claims, as cited by Sun Newspaper, the document was prepared by UK Home Office Minister Liam Byrne and UK Minister for Europe Geoff Hoon and was introduces to PM Toni Blair, Scotland Yard and MI5.

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