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France expels Bulgarian emigrants, uses police violence

Date: 30.10.2007

The French authorities are forcibly expelling illegal Bulgarian and Romanian emigrants in the country, using brutal police violence.

The administrative measure is called Humanitarian return home, but there is noting humanitarian in the way the police treats the emigrants, reads the article.

The police forcibly make the Bulgarians get on busses, who are not allowed to take even their belongings, even though some of them have documents that allow them to stay in France.

Such actions took place in Bondy on September 26, in Saint-Denis on October 10 and in Bagnolet on October 24. In those cities emigrants have built improvised settlements, where the police forces entered and made the settlers choose between prison and immediate expulsion.

The emigrants were offered EUR 153 for each adult and EUR 46 for each child who return immediately to their home country.

The police raids against the emigrants combine police brutality and violation of basic human rights of people, who are basically citizens of the European Union, the article continues.

The actions of the French authorities make a huge contrast with the words of French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his visit to Bulgaria, where he said that everyone who suffers automatically becomes French.

The paradox of the tears shed for the Bulgarian nurses, who were freed by Libya after years in jail over made-up allegations, and the attitude towards Bulgarians in France is stunning, the article concludes.

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