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Young Bulgarians eager to donate blood

Date: 24.04.2008

The Bulgarian youngsters has been constantly cited for its excessive indulgence in vices like heavy drinking, smoking and snorting and for so eagerly spoiling for a fight that the black statistics are packed with reports for victims with different degrees of inflicted injuries.

This same youths, though, have a completely different side - it helps strangers discreetly and anonymously. Maybe it sounds unlikely but the fact is that the numbers of the altruistic-minded young Bulgarians grow more and more. Only for a year the blood donors in Bulgaria have increased by 2,849 people. Besides the group of those between 18 and 30 has grown the most, experts say. Two thousand university students and 344 school students donated 450 gr. of blood each last year. Their donations saved the lives of many complete strangers to them.

Bulgaria now ranks ahead to Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, England, Austria and Greece in terms of numbers of first-time blood donors - 21,9% of all donors in Bulgaria. According to the number of altruists who donated blood for nothing per capita Bulgaria is still lagging behind. The statistics points out that there 19,7 blood donors to every 1,000 Bulgarian. In Austria they are 67,4, in Slovenia - 54,4, in Sweden - 30,5 per 1,000.

Specialists suggest different variants for increasing the number of blood donors in Bulgaria. The most important, though, is that the number of those willing to save a life with nothing in return is constantly growing.


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