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Bulgarian citizens income among lowest in Europe

Date: 29.08.2008

The income of the Bulgarian citizens is not simply the lowest in the European Union (EU), but lower than those of residents of countries outside the EU, such as Croatia.

The average salary in Bulgaria is twice lower than the average salary in Romania and almost 19 times lower than the one in Germany.

The above data has been published by the Federation of European Employers (FeEE).

The FedEE's annual Pay in Europe report provides benchmark salary data for 49 European countries. Each table contains 32 standard job positions within two categories of company size or type. Hourly pay is presented in the form of a midpoint and spread to reflect the range for each job.

In Bulgaria, a worker earns the average of EUR 1,2 per hour compared to EUR 2,2 in Romania.

The report lists the minimum salary in Bulgaria at EUR 110 per month, which is 13% lower than the minimum salary in Great Britain.

Among the countries that are new members of the EU, the citizens of Slovenia are the best paid with almost EUR 6 per hour.

Citizens of Croatia, which is a candidate member of the EU, make EUR 5 per hour.

Despite the low salaries, Bulgaria is not the most attractive countries for investments due to the low qualifications of the employees, lack of well-prepared specialists and the low level of labor organization.

The Asian labor markets are considered a further threat for the economies of the countries in Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria. Those markets offer cheep labor with a relatively high productivity. Workers in India and China make an average of EUR 1 per hour.

In Bulgaria, despite the low corporate tax, insurance is one of the additional obstacles for small businesses. Many of them cannot leave the "gray economy" sector and cannot offer higher salaries to their employees due to high insurance levels.

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