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Russian Expert: Macedonia Exists Because Bulgaria Doesn't Want It

Date: 27.10.2009

Macedonia's breakup is inevitable because it has gone bankrupt, has no political will to find the right place for its Albanian minority, and has capitulated before it. This is the opinion of Modest Kolerov, Director of the Moscow information agency Regnum, and a former head of the Department for Inter-regional and Cultural Relations of the Russian Federation, as cited by Darik Radio.

Kolerov has said in Belgrade that the ethnic Albanians are going to take over the government of Macedonia but would not be able to control the whole country so they are going to set up a loose federation.

“The main factor for the present stability of Macedonia is the fact that the Bulgarians don’t want to get it,” the Russian expert believes as quoted by Darik Radio.

In his words, the chain reaction which started with the Albanians in Kosovo is yet to continue to spread to other territories populated by ethnic Albanians including parts of Northern Greece.

Kolerov believes it was very likely that the next President of Macedonia would be an ethnic Albanian. He has urged Serbia to demand the partition of Kosovo as soon as possible even though it had missed the right moment in 2005 when the international community had been opened for that idea.

“If Kosovo is not partitioned, the problems in Sandzak (a region in southwest Serbia and northeast Montenegro), is going to escalate. The underground terrorist movement there has been destroyed for now but once Macedonia is partitioned, the chain reaction is going to transfer to Sandzak, and in this situation it is better for Serbia to have a partitioned rather than integral Kosovo,” the Russian expert has stated.

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