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The UFO, observed near Devin, is not a mystification

Date: 06.02.2010

US Air Force Tests Flying Saucer in Bulgaria

It's not a secret that the US Air Force has been carrying out tests with flying discs for many years "The UFO, shot by tourists in the Rhodope Mountains, actually belongs to the United States Air Force," ufologist Ivan Lazarov.

Several days ago, the ufologist showed a video record of a silvery object, flying over the Devin gorge. Experts have already scrutinized the clip and confirmed its authenticity.

"It's neither a mystification, nor an alien spacecraft," said Mr. Lazarov, one of the founders of the Bulgarian UFO Network (BUFON). The expert-ufologist is convinced that the US Air Force carries out tests on Bulgarian territory.

The video was recorded on January 3 by students who were returning home from a New Year's vacation. While filming the breathtaking scenery, one of the boys shot the flying disc.

"The boys didn't notice it at first, because it was visible for less than a second. Later on, while they were downloading the record on the PC, they saw the UFO and phoned me," said Ivan Lazarov.

The film has been uploaded in YouTube and stirred a real sensation.

"Bulgarian experts have applied NASA programs for scrutinizing the authenticity of the record and it has been proved that the material hasn't been falsified," Lazarov was explicit.

The ufologist explained that there was difference between a flying saucer (or flying disc), an UFO and an alien spacecraft.

"The flying saucers are man-made and are used for military purposes. In this case, the word is about a vanguard technology, which, in my opinion, belongs to the US military base on Bulgarian territory," the expert explained.

His conclusion is confirmed by the fact that no UFO reports have been registered in the region of Devin. On the other hand, the Rhodopes are undoubtedly one of the most powerful energy centers in Bulgaria. In the Belintash rocky complex, Bulgarian ufologists have discovered strange tracks that resemble a cosmodrome.

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