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Bulgarian Govt Scores 3.80 Out of 6 Year Later - Survey

Date: 13.07.2010

The first year of mandate of the ruling party GERB has been assessed as successful by 44% of the Bulgarians, while 37 % of them hold the opposite opinion, a survey has announced.

According to a survey by the National Center for Studying Public Opinion conducted among 1 000 people in the period June 25 – July 2, the cabinet receives approval mostly by the young, educated and well-living Bulgarians. People above 60 and poorly educated people have been more disapproving.

Since August 2009, the government has lost about 10 % of the support for its work. However, sociologists say that the current cabinet is mostly assessed with 4 or 5 out of 6.

GERB supporters asses the government and the Prime Minister with 4.50 out of 6, while the average mark of adult Bulgarians is 3.80 out of 6.

2/3 of the young adults below 30 assessed the cabinet with 4 or 5 out of 6. About 60 % of the people between the age of 50-60, as well as university graduates give similar assessment.

42 % of the people living in Sofia give the government 4 out of 6.

One year after GERB swept the power, the disapproval of the Ministry exceeds by 4 % its approval. Critiques come mostly from men, poorly educated people and people who live in the villages, while the educated, actively employed people and those living in Sofia express mostly support for the government.

For one year, the approval for PM Boyko Borisov has dropped from 69 to 62%, while the approval for the police has increased by 8 %, reaching 51 % in 2010.

The Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov is the most approved minister by opposite parties supporters. In June 2010, he received 68 % approval.

Most of the other ministers have managed to increase their support in the last year. The Parliamentary Chair, Tsetska Tsacheva, has been supported the most by educated, working people, and the people living in the cities, which are municipality centers.

The biggest success for the government, according to the survey, is the fight against crime, voted by 31 % of the respondents, as well as the fight against corruption, provision of EU funds, and reforms in the public administration.

On the other hand, the critiques against the government have been connected to the lack of results in the economic and social sphere, lack of income growth, and lack of measures against unemployment.

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