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The Only Thing that Bulgaria's PM Trusts Is His Nose

Date: 28.07.2011

This government is definitely very good in communicating its messages. It's a fact that a wave of dissatisfaction is tiding up across the country, but it is still not strong enough to threaten the Cabinet.

Regardless of all the scathing criticism, Borissov's image is unmarred. The relative stability that the Cabinet enjoys isn't anything new, as both governments - of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha - and Ivan Kostov before him were more or less in the same situation. The trouble is that Borissov's electorate may suddenly withdraw their support for him. This happened to Ivan Kostov at the 1999 local elections.

The oncoming presidential and local elections will be very interesting,in mind the short time for campaigning.

There's no doubt that Boyko Borisov has a sharp nose of a homo politicus and he evidently believes his own nose only. Boyko doesn't give ear to advice and apparently has no difficulties in choosing the right direction when faced with volatile public opinion. So far he has been clearing away all the balls from his goal. I see Rosen Plevneliev as a very promising candidate president singled out by the ruling GERB. He boasts high popularity and good communication skills. What is intriguing is how Dogan will behave during the elections. He is a politician who has never supported a causa perduta. So he will hardly back a nominee of the rightist Blue Coalition - Rumen Hristov.

At the first tour Dogan will most probably bargain with the rest for lending his shoulder to Kuneva (independent) or Kalfin (BSP) provided his party doesn't put out its own runner for president.

Both the Socialist and GERB are well aware that Dogan's support is a 'kiss of death,' because, if officially declared, it will be discrediting to any other candidate.

Mira Radeva

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