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Cross-Carrying Cornish Evangelist Tours Bulgaria

Date: 27.07.2011

Englishman Lindsay Hammon is touring Bulgaria on foot, carrying a large wooden cross on his back and praying for divine support for the country.

Hammon, a Cornish evangelist, walks 20 kilometers a day. He says that there are many Bulgarian workers in Cornwall, Southern England, who have told him about the difficult situation in the country, which has prompted him to go on the tour.

He completed a religious trek in some of the former Yugoslav republics after the war, but he says he encountered problems because of the cross.

Hammon carries nothing else apart from his personal documents, a small bag with some necessities and a bottle of water tied to the lower part of the cross.

The modern pilgrim says he feels alright as long as he walks, but when he stops he feels pain in his right leg.

He explains that he is doing this because he loves Bulgaria.

He keeps a diary and writes down whatever impresses him during the journey.

The cross can be disassembled into three parts so that it is easier to bring on a plane.

It is very heavy and difficult to carry, despite the wheels attached to the lower part.

After a short break in London, Hammon plans to go on a mission tour across Malaysia.


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