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A Joint Press Statement of Czech Airlines and the Czech Air Line Pilots Association CSA (CZALPA)

Date: 15.12.2011

The management of Czech Airlines and the Executive Council of the Czech Air Line Pilots Association CSA (CZALPA) agreed today on a resolution of the heightened situation in the Airline and the immediate discontinuation of strike readiness and protests by Czech Airlines’ pilots. Passengers therefore need not fear that any further irregularities will arise from mutual disputes.

Czech Airlines’ management and the CZALPA Executive Council also confirmed that they have restored their mutual respect and trust concerning the agreements they have concluded. All of the activities of both parties will be directed to ensuring that Czech Airlines is a functional and reliable company with respect to all of its partners.

The CZALPA Executive Council never intended to associate the present management of Czech Airlines and Český aeroholding (Czech Aeroholding) with corrupt practices that were later referred to in the media as the “siphoning” of the Airline. On the other hand, Czech Airlines’ management understands the legitimate fears of the Czech Air Line Pilots Association Czech Airlines and its members, with respect to ensuring Czech Airlines’ future. Both parties are aware that shootouts in the media only served to further escalate the situation and have agreed that a necessary prerequisite for the continued future of the national carrier is the continuation of its restructuring in line with the government-approved programme, and, above all, an intensive search for a strategic partner. In the interest of the renewal of passenger confidence, the pilots have decided to actively participate in a positive campaign promoting Czech Airlines.

Other concrete results of the agreement include the acceptance by CZALPA of the transfer of aircraft within Český aeroholding, from Czech Airlines to HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines, provided – and that is essential – that there will be no fundamental reduction in Czech Airlines’ business activities or a fundamental reduction in the network of scheduled flights. The capacity of the ATR 42 aircraft will continue to be used primarily for Czech Airlines’ purposes. The pilots who transfer to HOLIDAYS Czech Airlines will be able to apply for selection procedures at Czech Airlines from the same position of seniority from which they leave Czech Airlines.

Furthermore, pilots received guarantees of the participation of a CZALPA representative in the process by which a strategic investor would enter into the Airline, and they declared their interest in social reconciliation at Czech Airlines.

The agreement of the two parties confirms that the situation at Czech Airlines has calmed down. At the same time, it is a message for passengers that their flights will be dispatched in line with the applicable flight schedule, not only during the high Christmas season but also during the upcoming weeks of the New Year.

Philippe Moreels Capt. - Chairman of the Management Board and President of Czech Airlines
Peter Žmolík - President of CZALPA

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