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England vs Bulgaria

Date: 20.10.2005

By Neil Connolly
Sofia, Bulgaria

While it is true that Bulgaria has its problems, in particular its judicial system, and it is right that Tom Walker should point this out, his article (‘Bulgar and nasty', 8 October) gives one a very jaundiced view of the country. Your readers should ask themselves:

When was the last time I holidayed in England? Do I feel comfortable in my town centre at night? Do I get value for money when I eat out?

Mr Walker gave the impression that Bulgaria is a mafia-run banana republic where you'll probably die in crossfire on the street. Yet it is a wonderful place for a holiday and one of the safest countries I know. You don't get fights outside pubs here and, as a rule, life is relatively cheap and of good quality.

Some of the other points he made are hypocritical. Walker says that British football fans have been ‘pelted with bottles and glassed in Burgas'. But, I believe England is still the biggest exporter of football thugs as will no doubt be shown next summer. And the involvement of suspect Russian money in British football is well known.

Finally, Walker imagines that capitalism started differently in Britain or the US. The capitalism that gave the world rotten boroughs, famine in Ireland and Dickensian London?

Sofia News Agency

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