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Girardelli: Bansko is ready for 2014

Date: 31.01.2006

The five-time Alpine Ski World Cup Winner Marc Girardelli who is currently the consultant of the Bulgarian national ski teams works together with the Municipality of Bansko (southwest Bulgaria) under a project for the establishment of a joint-stock company that will build a sports center in the fashionable winter resort. Girardelli was a special guest of the 52nd World Ski Championship for Journalists where he gave an interview to the Standart.

- Mr. Girardelli, you arrive from St. Moriz. Do you think that a comparison could be made between the world famous resort in Switzerland and Bansko?

- I think that the snow cover and the maintenance of the ski runs in Bulgaria are even better. This is the main reason why I decided to launch the project with the Municipality of Bansko. If I were not convinced that you could offer the best I would not have taken up the job.

- Do you think that the resort is ready for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014?

- By all means, yes. There are many resorts that organize World Ski Cup competitions, which offer much worse conditions than Bansko. Everything in Banko from the snow guns to the vehicles that maintain the ski runs is on a very high level. It might sound strange to you, but I have never seen better equipment.

- There were disputes about Sofia's candidature for the Winter Olympics, the main question was whether different competitions could be held in different Bulgarian winter resorts. Do you think this is possible?

- The regulations of the International Ski Federation and the International Olympic Committee do not allow such thing. I also think that Bankso is the only Bulgarian resort that is up to the standards to host Olympic Ski events.

- How the preparation of the Bulgarian skiers that you consult is going?

- Everything goes on as scheduled. Thanks to the sponsors that the Bulgarian Ski Federation drew in we had a chance go to Austrian glaciers, where our training camp was during the summer. Besides, since the beginning of the winter the Bulgarian ski teams participate in many competitions and gain experience. It is a real pleasure to work with the Bulgarian teams because there's a lot of good athletes. I am confident that in four or five years Bulgaria will have distinguished skiers and, of course, coaches to train them.


Plamen Valkov

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