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Archaeologists Discover Wooden Hearts from High Priest's Throne

Date: 12.09.2006

Kitov cut an artery after forgetting to offer wine to Gods

"Be careful when you walk about, because gods always take what belongs to them!," archaeologist Dr. Kitov says to everybody who comes to see the newly discovered Thracian tomb near the Haskovo village of Konush. This warning has its reasons: the first day the archaeologist spent there was the day he experienced Gods' anger. Dr Kitov and his team have a custom to offer wine as a gift to gods before any of their expeditions. This time, busy to excavate the mound's entrance, they missed to perform the magical ritual and the consequences were almost immediate. While walking about the tomb something sharp cut Kitov's left leg.

"I didn't even notice what happened and what hurt me so badly that I lost a liter of blood in almost no time. It turned out that I've cut my artery," the archaeologist explained.

He had to undergo an emergency operation in the Haskovo hospital.

In Dr. Kitov's opinion a high Thracian priest had probably been buried in the ancient tomb dating back to 5-6th century BC. Most probably the word is about a priest of Zagreus - a god of death and sunset, experts explained.

After an year of deliberate research and three days of excavation works, Dr. Kitov's team of seven members discovered the mound's entrance. Yesterday, the archaeologists found spearheads and fragments from a hauberk made of thousands of fine shaped chains.

"Three unique wooden hearts are among the most interesting of the finds - once they probably decorated a ritual bed or throne," Dr. Kitov explained.

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