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Ceramic treasure predicts the future

Date: 13.02.2007

The average Bulgarian citizen does not go to a museum very often, unless someone else has organized the visit for him. But this time, the exhibition in the National History Museum that will continue till February 24 is well worth the visit. The renowned Thracian treasures, found in the Bulgarian lands, which are exhibited at the National Museum of History, will for sure amaze and fill with national pride our fellow countrymen. The collection of Thracian gold treasures are better known abroad where they enjoy international fame, but they are rarely exhibited in their country of origin, so the Bulgarians more often hear about their national treasures than see them. In three months' time the rare finds dating back from 3rd-4th century BC will be exhibited in Basel, Switzerland, then in the summer the collection will stay in Varna museum, before traveling to Japan. This is one of a kind exhibition, although most of the pieces have already been shown on various occasions. It is for the first time, though, that they are gathered and shown together in one exhibition.

The famous gold treasure of Thracian King Seutes from Panaqyurishte, 25 silver vessels of the Rogozen treasure, the remaining 116 objects are in restoration are also shown. Most of the exhibited ancient objects are trophies or presents from Greek kings to the Thracian rulers. The recently found gold earring with the goddess Nike in a chariot engraved on it is unique and is regarded as the masterpiece of the exhibition.

There is also a unique ceramic object, used by ancient high priests to predict the future of the rulers' conquests. In the region where these artifacts were found, archaeologist excavated an unusual object symbolizing the duality of the world. It features a hermaphrodite - a human being with female and male reproductive organs. Other pieces shown for the first time are two recently found gold objects symbolizing power and authority. One is a gold diadem with an image of goddess Nike in the middle, and the other one is a gold ring with an image of a ruler together with Nike in a chariot. Experts regard them as finds of great historical value. The organizers also give us a rare chance to see the Thracian treasures that police authority captured at the Bulgarian borders in an attempted contraband cases.

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