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A short road trip near Black Sea, Bulgaria

Date: 13.05.2009

Length – approximately 4 km

The village of Gramatikovo is a starting point for the road trip. The road descends in the direction of the Kachul place. Immediately after the bridge over the river it takes a turn to the left and continues along a gravel road. The marked path to the Thracian consecrated ground in the Indipasha place starts after about 4 km along the already mentioned gravel road. Here the tourists should leave their vehicles and continue on foot up, through an oak and beech tree forest. In no more than 40 minutes of hiking up the mountain the tourists will reach the very consecrated ground, which is located to the left of the road, in a deep and dank ravine. The remedial water streams down the foot of a big rock hanging over the ground. The hikers will find themselves enveloped into mysterious twilight, under the crowns of century-old beech trees, among evergreens.

After this short excursion the hikers should go back, down the same road. Once again, the tourists come up to the bridge over the Veleka River and head left, along the asphalt road to the town of Malko Tarnovo. The diversion for the Thracian stone sanctuary in the Kamenska barchina place is located approximately 7 km down the road and to the left. There is a small tourist shelter built here. Those of the tourists who take the chance to go through the crack in the Kamenna gaba (Stone mushroom) phenomenon will be blessed with health and welfare. The ancient rock with solar circles cut in it, is located in the opposite end of the meadow. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the mountain hills. What follows is 6 km of ascending and 3 km of descending towards the town of Malko Tarnovo.

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