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Ostriches Replace Traffic Police along Trakia Highway

Date: 09.09.2006

Foreigners take pictures of the giant birds and joke that they have been on a safari

Ostriches instead of traffic police officers bewilder drivers on Trakia Highway. The huge birds can be seen near the central Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. Many of the drivers stop to take a picture with the feathered. The ostriches approach without fear the fence separating them from the outside world. It turned out that the birds were let out to pasture at large near the highway by their master, Dimitar Kartev, mayor of the village of Radinovo. Recently he found out that the former owner wanted to get rid of the birds.

"I decided to buy the 13 ostriches and let them out near the highway for the amusement of drivers and travelers," said Kartev. "The birds are surrounded by fences from all sides so they cannot escape and cause a traffic accident."

The mayor told the Journey a funny story that happened last month. Kartev was at the seaside when he heard a foreigner boasting that he was on a safari in Africa before coming to Bulgaria. He even showed pictures of ostriches as a proof. However, he was exposed by Dimitar Kartev when the mayor recognized the adjacent buildings near his own ostrich farm.

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