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Bulgarian Association of Travel Agents

Sofia, Bulgaria
6 Triaditsa Str., Fl. 5
Tel.: +359 2 981 55 53
Fax: +359 2 981 58 11

About BATA

The Bulgarian Association of Travel Agents was founded in 1992 to assist, represent and protect the economic interests of travel agencies and tour operators in Bulgaria. Regular members of BATA can be any Bulgarian physical and juridical bodies, who are professionals with stable experience in the field of travel industry, and operate as touroperators and/or travel-agents, with tourism being the main activities of their travel companies. Associated members of BATA can be tourism-related entities. At present, the Association embodies more than 250 members (incl. tour operators and travel agents all over the country, Bulgarian regional tourism structures, affiliated foreign and Bulgarian organizations, individual members, etc.) with the tendency of constant increase. The members of BATA are the most active and reliable travel companies in Bulgaria. They provide 85% from the incoming tourism and 80% from the outgoing tourism of Bulgaria. Their members work actively on German, Russian, British, Scandinavian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Macedonian, etc. markets. In terms of training their members, BATA has applied for and have been approved as a partner in many international projects as Leonardo da Vinci, PHARE, European Commission's Research Programs, etc. It actively cooperates with Flag, USAID, Peace Corps, etc.

BATA is one of the founder-parties of the Council of Tourism - Sofia, The Council of Training in Tourism at the Sofia University. It takes active part in all the working groups of the National Tourism Board.

BATA is a member of the Universal Federation of Travel Agents' Associations (UFTAA), the Russian RATA, the American ASTA, the Portuguese APAVT and the Japanese JATA. BATA actively collaborates with HATTA (The Hellenic Association of the Tourism & Travel), TURSAB (Turkish Association of Travel Agencies), DRBV (The German Union of the Travel Agencies), etc.

BATA is one of the 12 country-founders of the BSTC (Black Sea Cooperation in Tourism). Its members hold managing positions in BSTC, PATA Chapter, BAAT, Councils of Tourism, etc. Among the BATA members are chairmen/vice chairmen, CEOs, directors of international, national, regional and local tourism structures.

The main purpose of the Association is to unite the professionalism of the companies, involved in forming and marketing the tourist product, providing favorable conditions for collaboration among them in order to achieve sustainable development of Bulgarian tourism industry.

BATA is actively involved in Regional, National and International Projects in the field of training, foreign language portfolios, etc. (Leonardo da Vinci, Flag, Phare, etc.) Some of the priorities in the activity of BATA are:

  • to assist, encourage and protect the interests of its members in Bulgaria and abroad
  • to participate in elaborating national programs for tourism development and to comment on draft laws/regulations/decrees, etc.
  • to establish rules of professional ethics, code of behavior and loyal competition in the tour operators' and agents' activities
  • to exercise jointly control with the Commission on Protection of customers' rights at the Ministry of Economy
  • to represent its members in international organizations; to coordinate and encourage their participation in national and international events/forums/ trade fair/marts/exhibitions, etc.
  • to assist in establishing business contacts with Bulgarian and foreign partners, as well as in encouraging profitable investments into Bulgarian tourist industry
  • to provide its members with updated information on the current conditions and perspectives of the tourist market

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