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New Bulgarian University

Sofia, Bulgaria
21 Montevideo Str.
Tel.: +359 2 811 02 15, 811 02 35, 811 02 13, 811 02 53




  • to be an innovative, student-orientated and interdisciplinary academic institution whose purpose is to attract open-minded men and women and cultivate their ability to think critically, to reason and analyze combined with a broad range of deep interests
  • to prepare our students for the challenges of independent life, developing their leadership and entrepreneurship qualities
  • to prepare people for life in a democratic and civil society
  • to harmonize new technologies and economic globalization with the needs and aspiration of regional communities and qualities and interests of each individual
  • to be the place for the development of individuals with deep social concerns.

Academic Profile

  • human sciences and humanities
  • communication sciences
  • arts

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of NBU reflects its firm belief in the importance of the liberal arts foundation to all students placing equal emphasis on development of skills and acquisition of knowledge, spiritual and social development and professional specialization.

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