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National Social Security Institute

Sofia, Bulgaria
62-64 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2 926 10 10, 926 19 72, 926 18 64
Fax: +359 2 974 62 75

Prophylactic and Rehabilitation

The National Social Security Institute (NSSI), trough its regional offices, realizes the activity on prophylactic and rehabilitation for the following persons:

  1. Insured for all social security risks
  2. Insured for all social security risks except accidents at work, professional disease and unemployment
  3. Invalidity, old age, decease and accidents at work and professional disease insured persons
  4. Persons eligible to personal invalidity pension for common disease, accidents at work or professional disease except persons in pension age

Insured persons must have at least 6 months permanent insurable length of service immediately before the month of the entry in the place of resort.

The amount of the cash - grant for each eligible person includes totally the resources for the main medical services, the payment for a night’s lodging with prices determined according the agreement between NSSI and the legal entities and partial nutrition cash - grant on the amount of 4 leva per diem. This is a one-time-grant annually. The stay duration in the prophylactic and rehabilitation place resorts is from 10 to 15 days.

In 2005, National Social Security Institute has signed agreements with 14 legal entities and in total with 39 prophylactic and rehabilitation place resorts.

1. “Prophylactic, rehabilitation and relaxation” JSC, Sofia – with the following place resorts:

  • Borovez – balneo - hotel “Drujba”, Bankya
  • Borovez – balneo – hotel “Konstanzia”, Kostenez
  • Plovdiv – balneo – hotel ‘Rosa”, Streltcha
  • Banya – balneo – hotel “Stryama”, Banya
  • Banya – balneo – hotel “Gergana”, Hisar
  • Varshez – balneo – hotel “Tintyava”, Varshez
  • Burgas – balneo – hotel “Strandja”, Burgas Spa Watering Place
  • Burgas – balneo – hotel “St. Mina” , Burgas Spa Watering Place
  • Burgas – balneo – hotel “Jiva voda”, Sliven Spa Watering Place
  • Velingrad – balneo – hotel “Velingrad”, Velingrad
  • Gabrovo – balneo – hotel “Ljulyazy”, Gabrovo
  • Haskovo – balneo – hotel “Toplika”, Haskovo Spa Watering Place
  • Pavel Bania – “Pavel Bania” Health Resort Complex
  • Pavel Bania – balneo – hotel “Zagore”, Stara Zagora Spa Watering Place
  • Head Quarter – hotel – complex “Zdravez”, Teteven

2. Specialized Rehabilitation Hospitals – National Complex JSC, Sofia, with the following branches:

  • Hisar
  • Velingrad
  • Banite, Smolian region
  • Pomorie
  • Bania, Karlovo region
  • Pavel Bania
  • Momin prohod
  • Sandanski
  • Kjustendil
  • Narechen

3. Military Medicine Academy, Sofia, with the following branches

  • Prophylactic, Rehabilitation and Balneology Hospital “Kaleroya”, Hisar
  • Prophylactic, Rehabilitation and Medical Treatment Hospital “Bankya”, Bankya
  • Prophylactic, Rehabilitation and Medical Treatment Hospital “Sveti Georgi Pobedonosec”, Pomorie

4. Rehabilitation, Long Treatment and Aftercare Multi–profile Hospital “Vita” Ltd., Velingrad

5. Rehabilitation, Long Treatment and Aftercare Multi–profile Hospital “Sveta Bogorodica” Ltd., Narechen Spa Watering Place

6. Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Bankya JSC, Bankya

7. Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Burgas Spa Watering Place JSC, Burgas

8. Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Zdrave JSC, Bankya

9. Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Marikostinovo Ltd., Marikostinovo

10. Rehabilitation, Long Treatment and Aftercare Multi-profile Hospital – Pernik Ltd., Pernik

11. Center for Balneo – Rehabilitation “SPA Complex Orfey”, Devin

12. “Hospis – Energia” Ltd., Targovishte

13. Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Varshez JSC, Varshez

14. Specialized Hospital for Rehabilitation – Separeva Banya JSC, Separeva Banya

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