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Magazine Happy Weekend

Sofia, Bulgaria
5-B Triaditca Str.
Tel.: +359 2 980 58 83


Who are we?

Media MM Publishing group was created by professionals with extensive experience in marketing, advertising and publishing. The team is built of young professionals in the areas of journalism, history, tourism and graphic design. The best thing is that with every issue the number of our readers- authors increases which means that WE is all the people who believe that Bulgaria has a lot to show and give to the world and the world must be easy to access for any Bulgarian.

What is Happy Weekend?

In 2004 Media MM publishing group started printing the magazine Happy Weekend for tourism and free time.
It is issued monthly, starting with a circulation of 10,000 copies with over 100 color pages and with the goal to increase this number.
From 2005 on Happy Weekend is issued in English as well. We are also planning an issue in Russian soon.
Happy Weekend is a way to rest, to indulge yourself and be a positive person.

Who is Happy Weekend’s target group?

It is Bulgarians in Bulgaria, Bulgarians abroad, foreigners visiting Bulgaria, kids and teenagers, families, professionals and amateurs, tourists and people who find some free time, curious and brave souls, all who think, feel, dream and believe in the meaning of Happy Weekend.

What does Happy Weekend offer?

  • Complete practical and useful information for popular and not so famous parts of Bulgaria and abroad; the easiest, most comfortable and cheapest offers for traveling and accommodation
  • Traditional and alternative ways of entertainment anywhere that a man can reach by air, water and ground
  • Invitations and offers about where, how and at what price you can plan your weekends or annual vacations, how to recreate during the weekend, to please the kids with wild entertainments or how to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant
  • Exciting experience and impressions from Bulgaria and abroad by Bulgarian popular celebritie s
  • Special prizes for our readers in each issue and amusing annual competitions

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